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    Ron Book has always been interested in politics and began his career as a lobbyist in the 1970s. He worked for the Florida State Gathering, and then filled in as Outstanding Director and head of Regulative Endeavors for Lead delegate Bob Graham's association. He also served as Accessory and Supervisor of the Administrative and Authoritative Guideline Division for the Miami-based Sparber, Shevin, Shapo, Heilbronner, and Book, P.A firm.


    At Ronald L. Book, P.A., Ron Book has established himself as a formidable figure in governmental affairs and lobbying within Tallahassee and South Florida. His law firm serves many clients, including prominent names in business, local governments, healthcare, and nonprofit sectors. Known for his dedication and hard work, he has successfully positioned himself and his firm at the forefront of Florida's political sphere.


    His expertise encompasses many areas, such as economic development, environmental remediation, and healthcare, demonstrating his ability to navigate complex policy matters. Over the past four decades, he has significantly influenced public policy debates and decisions, underlining his profound understanding and mastery of political intricacies.


    Mr. Book's career in state policymaking began in the 1970s with his role in the Florida State Legislature. He gained further experience as Special Counsel and head of Legislative Affairs in Governor Bob Graham's administration. As a Partner at the Miami-based firm Sparber, Shevin, Shapo, Heilbronner & Book, P.A. These roles have been instrumental in shaping his career and cementing his reputation in Florida's political landscape.


    He has been a key player in numerous statewide political campaigns, which have had lasting impacts on Florida's legislative and political environment. His involvement in campaigns such as "Five for Florida's Future" and various referendums highlights his strategic thinking and ability to sway public opinion and policy.


    Ronald L. Book, P.A., also extends its expertise to consulting services, assisting businesses in strategic planning and navigating complex regulatory landscapes. Leveraging his extensive network, Ron ensures each client benefits from his strategic insights and deep understanding of the political process.


    Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mr. Book is deeply invested in community service. He has been a part of several charitable boards, including Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital and Best Buddies, reflecting his commitment to social causes. As the chair of the Miami Dade Homeless Trust, he has played a pivotal role in addressing homelessness, successfully leading initiatives recognized at the national level, including the end of Military Veteran homelessness in Miami Dade County.




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